Organic Dog Food & All Natural Dog Treats

PET BISTRO is a U.S. organic dog food company specializing in Gluten Free organic dog food products. At Pet Bistro we are committed to provide the highest possible nutritional standard naturally in order to ensure wellness and optimum health of your dog. We believe that quality of diet is directly linked to quality of life.

Pet Bistro Organic Dog Food is committed to providing the finest organic ingredients free of animal by-products, toxic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients.

The natural ingredients in our organic dog food will help maximize your dog’s life expectancy and ensure that your pet will lead a long, healthy and happy life. Pet Bistro organic dog food has been significant in creating an appetizing organic pet food that pets love.

Pet Bistro organic dog food and organic pet food uses only FRESH human-grade organic meats, organic vegetables, organic grains, organic fruits, and organic herbs in our organic pet food – organic dog food - organic dog treats and is Gluten Free.


Pet Bistro Organic Bark~Scotti Dog Treats are GLUTEN, DAIRY, GRAIN and MEAT ~ FREE

Pet Bistro Bark~Scotti Organic Dog Treats are Gluten Free made with fresh organic ingredients as our organic dog food.

Pet Bistro Organic Dog~Tea a organic blueberry tea drink for dogs that is packed with natural antioxidants and caffine free. Pet Bistro Organic Dog~Tea is nature at its best. A natural antioxidant drink dogs love.


Pet Bistro Dog Restaurant is now open offering our Bistro Menu serving Fresh organic foods for Fido. Contact Us to have Pet Bistro Dog Restaurant at your next Dog Event. See Event Calender.

The fundamental principals of good nutrition that apply to humans should also apply to our beloved pets. At Pet Bistro our primary goal is to provide home cooked healthy organic dog food using the same wholesome and natural ingredients we would use ourselves. In order to achieve this objective we oversee every food safety precaution by preparing our organic dog food in small quantities.

Pet Bistro - organic dog food and organic pet food contains NO by-products, hormones, fillers, pesticides, antibiotics, and is free of chemicals, artificial flavors and additives resulting in superior health and longevity. Pet Bistro organic dog food has been significant in creating an appetizing Gluten Free organic pet food that pets love. In addition to providing premium ingredients we package our organic dog food in clear jars for better visibility.

Our belief is that pets are an integral part of your family and are considered by many as our children. Shouldn’t pets that bring so much joy and laughter into your life receive the nurturing care and love that they deserve?

Diet is a main component in the quality of your pet’s life. What is consumed is essential in promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle. The old adage “you are what you eat” still applies and your pets are no exception. Just ask yourself - what would you feed your children? However, in order to ensure a more balanced and natural dietary alternative for your pet, we recommend checking with your veterinarian before modifying your pet’s diet. Veterinarian's interested in stocking Pet Bistro Organic Dog Food – organic pet food products can email us at info@petbistro.us we deliver directly to the location.