Low Fat Organic Dog Treats From Pet Bistro

Pet Bistro offers low fat organic dog treats in the form of Organic BarkScotti, delectable biscuits baked in small batches using easily digestible organic quinoa, protein-rich almond flour, flax, wild blueberries, honey, safflower oil, lemon juice, vanilla, and baking powder. Since BarkScotti does not contain meat, it avoids the saturated fats found in animal sources (including meat and dairy products). By contrast, commercially processed dog treats often contain high levels of saturated fats. Plus, they often use plant-based oils such as palm oil and palm kernel oil, which consist primarily of saturated fats. Continue reading Low Fat Organic Dog Treats From Pet Bistro

Gourmet Dog Treats

gourmet dog treatsIt’s not difficult to find brands of gourmet dog treats on store shelves that claim to be healthy, but these treats are often filled with ingredients that aren’t good for your pet. These include fillers that don’t provide any nutritional value and toxic chemicals that could harm your pet. You’ll often find grain, corn and other ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions in these treats as well, which can cause a considerable amount of discomfort for your dog. Some gourmet treats even have high amounts of sugar and carbs that put your pet at risk of gaining weight. Continue reading Gourmet Dog Treats

Are Dog Biscuits the Same as Milk-Bones?

gourmet dog treatsDog treats come in many forms, ranging from specially made gourmet dog biscuits to mass produced Milk-Bones and other commercially prepared dog treats. Are there differences between these kinds of dog treats, or are they all basically the same? There are actually some significant differences in terms of ingredients between Milk-Bones and gourmet dog biscuits that can have an impact on canine health. Continue reading Are Dog Biscuits the Same as Milk-Bones?

Best Treat For Dogs Is Grain Free – Why?

wolves eat a grain free dietGiving your dog treats is an effective way to offer rewards during training, but it is important to make sure you are buying healthy treats. Many dog treats on the market contain fillers, such as grains, that do not provide much nutrition. In some cases, they can also trigger allergic reactions or digestive issues. You can avoid these problems by looking for the best grain-free dog treats. Continue reading Best Treat For Dogs Is Grain Free – Why?