Grain Free Dog Food Brands

Grain Free Dog Food Brands are dog food brands that generally contain more meat protein and naturally, less carbs than the typical grain based dog foods.

Healthy Grain Free Dog Food Ingredients

grain free dog treatsThere are a few grain free dog food brands that manufacture lean meat and meatless products. Characteristically, these grain free dog food brands are manufactured more for dogs that require a dietary restriction of fats or have severe allergies to meats and grains.

Universally, dog food brands use processed grains in dog food as fillers and thickeners, which provide no nutritional value. When grain free dog food brands are devoid of these processed grains, it reduces the amount of gluten ingested.

Biologically, grain free dog food brands are a great alternative for dogs that have sensitivities to gluten. Therefore, feeding a grain free dog food brand can be a healthier choice for your dog.

Consider contacting the manufacturer of a grain free dog food brand to ensure that Gluten has not been added. Never assume that a grain free dog food is gluten free because it does not contain grain. Gluten is often supplementary in pet foods as a thickener.

Wholesome Ingredients are always the deciding factor in choosing any dog food.

Remember, the ingredients in grain free dog food brands determine your dog’s daily nutritional consumption. Since proteins are essential for the growth and survival of your dog, make sure that your grain free dog food brand is providing the nutritional requirements necessary for a healthy dog. It is a good idea to speak to your veterinarian before switching over to any grain free dog food brand.

Quality grain free dog food brands like Pet Bistro® organic may contain one or more of these grain free ingredients.

  • Almond (a nut – high protein – low carbohydrates – low sugar)
  • Amaranth (a seed – high in protein)
  • Arrowroot (a root – high carbohydrate – starch
  • Buckwheat (a seed – high protein – gluten free – also known as Kasha)
  • Cassava (a root – also known as Tapioca – high in carbohydrate)
  • Chickpeas (a legume – made into flour – high protein – high fibre – low glycemic)
  • Coconut (a seed – used in flours)
  • Corn (a seed – considered both a grain & vegetable (really a fruit) – high in dietary fibre, starch, vitamin C & calories)
  • Cottonseed (a seed – flour by-product – high in protein)
  • Dal (a bean – low glycemic)
  • Fava bean (a legume – high protein – fibre)
  • Flaxseed (a seed – made into flour – high in omegas)
  • Gram flour (a legume chickpeas – made into a flour)
  • Lentils (a legume – high in protein – low glycemic)
  • Manioc (a root – made into flour – also known a tapioca, cassava & yucca)
  • Potato Starch (a root – starch is extruded from the potato – made into Flour)
  • Quinoa (a seed – made into flour – a complete protein)grain free dog treats
  • Rice (a seed – made into flour – a starch – low in fibre)
  • Sago (a starch – extracted from palm stems – made into flour – high carbohydrate)
  • Sesame (a seed – made into flour & oil – high in protein)
  • Taro flour (a root – made into flour – starch)
  • Soy (a legume – made into flour – high protein)
  • Tapioca (a root – also known as Cassava)
  • Glucose (tapioca root – made from the hydrolysis of starch – used as a thickener, sweetener, and humectants)
  • Plantain Flour (a fruit – made into flour – high in carbohydrates – low in fat)
  • Yam ( a powdered starch – used as flour- high in carbohydrates)
  • Mesquite flour (a seed – ground into a flour – high protein – low glycemic)

As a rule, ingredients that you cannot pronounce or identify are most likely NOT quality ingredients or real foods at all and should be avoided. This also applies when selecting grain free dog food brands.

Quality grain free dog food brands also include grain free dog treats. These often get overlooked. It is just as important to choose a wholesome grain free dog treat when selecting a nutritious grain free dog food brand.

Pet Bistro® prides itself on quality wholesome ingredients in all their grain free dog food products. We live by our motto, “Doggie Delicious Naturally Nutritious”.

Pet Bistro’s® organic grain free dog food brands are free of gluten, by-products, and meat meal. They contain NO chemicals, fillers or additives of any kind.