Compare Organic Dog Treats and Commercial Dog Treats

Although it is still relatively new to the pet food market, Pet Bistro’s organic dog treats provides a balanced, healthy, and nutritious option for dog owners. Pet Bistro’s healthy dog treats are organic, natural, and completely free of chemicals, flour by-products, and unhealthy additives.

Studies have shown time and time again that the food and treats dogs eat play a huge role in their overall health and happiness. It seems like every year there are more and more reports about the dangers of commercial high calorie and the health risks involved with feeding this type of food to your canine companions. Many pet owners do not fully understand the nutritional dangers of the food that’s available just about everywhere and it’s some of the most widely advertised and available products on the market. Many owners don’t find out about the risks these commercially processed pet foods have on their furry companions until it is too late.

What does commercial pet food really have in it?

Leftovers- The waste products from meat production that is not fit for human consumption
Rendered Meat – An assortment of animal by-products such as bones, hooves, and organs
Meat Meal –Parts from sick, dying, and dead animals used as filler material
Although all of these components are expressly forbidden for human consumption, they are seen as legitimate ingredients that can be used in commercial pet food. Chemical additives are necessary in order to make most of these components edible, thus adding even more negative ingredients into your pet’s food. There is little to no nutritional value in these ingredients, which is why the food has to be overly fortified with vitamins and minerals and additives. There has to be a better and healthier way to feed our beloved pets!

Pet Bistro healthy dog treats are organic

We are an Eco-Friendly U.S. Company that uses only 100% human grade ingredients. All products use fresh organic ingredients including meats, grains, vegetables, fruits, and natural flavors. Our dog food is made from wholesome ingredients that are suitable for human consumption. Pets depend on us to keep them fed and healthy, so we owe it to them to select the very best. You wouldn’t give your kids food with lots of fortified chemicals, so why would you give your fur-babies the same thing? Make the smart choice with Pet Bistro’s organic healthy dog treats and pet food!