When Should I Give My Dog Healthy Dog Snacks?

Every dog loves a healthy dog snack. Dogs would probably like to just eat treats and snacks like you and I would. However, too much of a good thing isn’t always best. Organic dog treats are NEVER going to make your pup sick, that’s not what we mean by “too much of a good thing”. But dog treats should be just that…a healthy treat for your dog.

Give Your Dog Healthy Treats when….

Positive reinforcement- Any dog trainer will tell you that the most effective way to train your dog is to provide them with positive reinforcement rather than punishment. When you are actively training your dog and she responds in the manner in which you have commanded, offer a wholesome treat.

Encouraging Calm Behavior- Often times we don’t want excited, rambunctious behavior from our dogs. For instance when you have a guest at the door this is an exciting event for your pooch. However, it might be a terrifying experience for the person on the other side of the door. A natural dog snack is an excellent way to divert their attention from the excited state they are in. Let them smell the treat, encourage a sit or stay command and once they have complied and you’ve let your guest in, offer the treat to them. As with Pavlov’s dog, your dog will associate this delicious dog treat to the calm state.


In between meals- Dog treats, even awesome organic treats, should not replace good dog food. A dog will respond positively throughout the routine of your day with good behavior if they know a treat is coming. The sense of smell for a dog allows them to detect food 20 yards away. Just the waft of a good smelling treat will prompt your dog to get calm, behave and sit when they know this behavior is followed by a snack.

Why Offer an organic biscuit and not something else?

The same common sense rules apply to choosing dog treats that apply to choosing your own food. IF YOU CAN’T PRONOUNCE IT, DON’T EAT IT. With the rash of dog illnesses caused by terrible dog food and dog treats, why would you risk it? The affects these “mysterious” ingredients have on dogs is truly prolific. Everything from minor skin irritations to death have been associated with bad dog food ingredients. Even fillers that were never intended for consumption have been found in some commercial dog treats and dog food.

We encourage you to give your dog healthy snacks when appropriate and we believe that only the best organic treats are what you should be giving them. Your dog is part of your family, “treat” them well and you’ll have a long lasting relationship with them.