How To Choose A Healthy Dog Food

How do you know if your dog is eating a healthy dog food?

The first attribute of a healthy dog food is ascertained by the Ingredients in which the dog food is derived. The second attribute is Dog health. Since age, illness, and activity play an important role in nutritional requirements, these two attributes are the deciding factor in whether or not you are feeding your dog a healthy dog food.

healthy pet productsMedical Facts:

Will enable you to determine the right ingredients for the medically nutritional requirements of your dog.

Ingredient Choice:

Fresh wholesome ingredients, the source of those ingredients, and how they are processed, will enable you to nutritionally choose a safe healthy dog food.

Healthy Dog Food Ingredients:

The first ingredient in any healthy dog food should be “real meat”. (NOT – meat meal, meat by-products, or any words containing “meal” or “by-product”).

The second ingredient(s) – Alternately, fresh vegetables and whole brown rice. (Not all vegetables are safe for dogs – do your research)

The third ingredient(s) – Fresh fruits (Not all fruits are safe for dogs – do your research)

The fourth ingredient(s) – Fresh herbs (Not all herbs are safe for dogs – do your research)

healthy pet productsSince dog health plays an important role in nutritional health, there are many variations and substitutions for ingredients when considering a healthy dog food otherwise recommended by your veterinarian.

Keep in mind that all dogs are carnivores. Their intestinal tracts are naturally built for meat consumption. Although modern dogs’ nutritional needs have evolved to include a variety of foods, they are still innately meat eaters.

Feed them fresh, real meats and low fats, with a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Be careful with the consumption of grains. Most grains in commercial dog food are flour by-product fillers, which contain gluten and have little or no nutritional value to dogs. In dogs, these by-product grain fillers are also to blame for excessive weight gain. Dogs are not designed to process large amounts of gluten.

Gluten is known to cause intestinal upset and symptomatic allergens in dogs. Consumption of grain should be minimized as the last ingredient, if recommended in your dog’s diet. Certain seeds, like quinoa or whole brown rice, can be used in place of grains. There are other healthy gluten free substitutions.

Ingredient research and dog health, along with supportive veterinary care, is essential to choosing a nutritionally healthy dog food. Commercial dog foods vary in ingredients, so be cautious in selecting. Brand names, heavy advertising, and shelf inundation does not mean they contain quality ingredients or are a healthy dog food. Read ingredients and research the brand before purchasing. You may be shocked to find that the dog food your dog has been eating is not a healthy dog food, especially in the long-term. Compare fast food vs healthy dog food.

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