Healthy Dog Treats That Promote Good Health in Your Pet

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the back of a package of dog treats? What is “animal digest”? Where does “crude protein” come from? What about that unpronounceable stuff? As a loving and concerned pet owner, you naturally want healthy dog treats —treats that promote good health in your pet. If you want to find the best treats for your dog, start by reading the label. 

If you read the back of any package of pet food or treats and you find things there you have never heard of, remember that there is a reason you have never heard of those things. They are dirty secrets. Legally, food companies have to list ingredients, but that doesn’t mean they actually want you to know what is in the package. If you don’t know what’s in the package, then you don’t know what it is doing to your pet’s health. There is probably a reason for that, too.

organic dog treat ingredientsBy comparison, healthy dog treats keep no secrets. Their ingredient lists proudly proclaim the contents of their packages. You know you have found the good stuff when you read the label and recognize the ingredients. You will probably best recognize those ingredients from reading about their health benefits. You have probably heard of wild blueberry and quinoa. Don’t they sound better than crude protein or propylene glycol?
When you are looking for healthy dog treats —treats that promote good health in your pet—start with the ingredient list. Pet Bistro offers pet food and treats that keep no secrets. Check out their labels and see what healthy pet treats can be.