Organic Dog Food

Is organic dog food a healthier choice for my dog?
The answer is yes! Organic dog food is much healthier than the standardized dog food and “all natural” dog food choices.

What you need to understand about organic dog food:

Pet Bistro® organic dog food made from real meat

organic dog treatsNot only do they taste much better than conventionally grown foods, but research confirms that organic foods contain significantly higher antioxidant levels. Studies also show organic foods to have zero toxicity as opposed to conventionally grown foods with higher toxicity levels. The lower nutrition value in conventionally grown foods is a result of exposure to fertilizers, sewage, chemical nutrients, and pesticides.

Beware of all organic products that have by-products. This actually can include some organic dog food products. Food animals raised organically can have genetic illnesses or contract other infections, leaving behind the by-products of the diseases, including necrotic tissue and tumors. Other sick and dead animals raised organically will have left over animal parts, like the bones, innards, hide and other inedible parts.

This is where the problems and misuse of organic products in the organic dog food industry begins. As in conventional dog food, the waste products are being utilized in organic dog food products. Warning – the chemical treatments for these by-products is the same for standardized by-products; and so is the end result. Don’t be fooled into thinking all organic dog food labeled as healthy organic dog food is a quality organic product.

We can’t stress this enough: Read the ingredients listed on the organic dog food labels!

Manufacturers are jumping on the organic bandwagon at a phenomenal rate. However, they are selling organic dog food cheaper than the quality organic dog food competitors, by using organic by-products to minimalize costs. This is the same problem in the manufacturing of standardized dog food. Consumers are led to believe they are buying quality organic dog food at a fraction of other organic dog food costs. Unfortunately, the saying that ‘you get what you pay for’ applies here. If your dog food is  cheap,  there’s a dang dog reason.

organic dog treatsWelcome to the 21st century nightmare of the organic dog food by-product trade.

When purchasing a good organic dog food, you may pay a bit more – and your dog is worth it! Moreover, buying a cheap organic dog food made from animal by-products defeats the purpose of buying wholesome organic dog food. A healthy organic dog food should not contain meat-meal, bone-meal, fish meal, chicken meal, beef meal, lamb meal, or any other ingredient listing with the word ‘meal’. The composition of these by-products can be from one type of animal or a mixture of carcasses comprised of inedible and toxic by-products. According to regulation guidelines, it is acceptable that an organic dog food product be made from meat-meal or bone meal so long as the ingredients come from organically raised animals. This also includes dead, diseased, and euthanatized carcasses in organic dog food products.

In choosing a wholesome organic dog food, make sure that the ingredient label lists real meat and not a waste by-product. A  quality organic dog food is made from real meat.

Pet Bistro® organic dog food products are made with nature’s certified organic, healthy, and nutritious ingredients like chicken breast, fresh vegetables, and herbs. Pet Bistro® offers a Chicken & Brown Rice Entrée that also includes spinach, carrots, and parsle