Organic Dog Treats

A healthy nutritional protein snack for Dogs
Gluten, Grain, Dairy & Meat FREE Organic Dog Treat
Bark~Scotti, organic dog treats, provides a complete protein, which helps to reduce hunger between meals, and is great for Snacks, Training, or Rewarding Good Behavior

Pet Bistro™ Bark~Scotti Wild Blueberry Organic Treats for Dogs

Dogs Award Pet Bistro Bark~Scotti “TWO PAWS UP”

organic dog treatsPet Bistro’s™ creative ingenuity is behind a new, healthy mouthwatering organic dog treat called Bark~Scotti. Spotlighting the undeniable need for a healthy nutritional protein organic dog treat, Bark~Scotti is gluten, grain, dairy and meat FREE. It’s no surprise that this fast growing, innovative U.S. company is leading the way in healthy organic dog treats and organic dog food products. Since its launch in 2006, Pet Bistro™ has the impressive ability to produce quality products for dogs that are both healthy and tasty.

Pet Bistro™ uses certified organic ingredients in all of their Bark~Scotti organic dog treats. Owners can rest easily knowing that their dogs are eating a healthy, quality product every time.

Bark~Scotti organic dog treat’s ingredient content is an encouraging one. Discerning dog owners are becoming more aware of ingredient interpretation and more discriminating in choosing organic dog treats. Pet Bistro™ Wild Blueberry Bark~Scotti organic dog treats are baked biscotti’s that boast a pleasant blueberry taste, with a slightly sweet nutty flavor that mingles marvelously together.

Bark~Scotti is considered a complete protein source, which makes it a healthier organic dog treat. Protein is the key to reducing hunger between meals. Bark~Scotti is made with organic quinoa, which is gluten-free and considered easy to digest.  Bark~Scotti is uniquely gentle on sensitive tummies. Quinoa is identified as a source of complete protein, while also containing essential amino acids like lysine, as well as dietary fiber, calcium, and phosphorus. Quinoa is also high in iron and magnesium. The additional ingredients in Bark~Scotti organic dog treats have beneficial value, such as certified organic wild blueberries (contain beneficial antioxidant properties), organic flax (contains Omega beneficial fatty acids), organic almond flour (is a good source of protein, cholesterol free and low in saturated fatorganic Safflower Oil (is a plant sterile and is unsaturated meaning it does not cause cholesterol buildup recognized to be high in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids). Organic honey (research reveals it as having antioxidant and antimicrobial properties). Bark~Scotti is clearly a healthier alternative to conventional dog treats.

organic dog treatsPet Bistro’s™ founder & CEO, Rafaela Miett, is excited to introduce Bark~Scotti Organic Dog Treats as the newest addition to Pet Bistro’s product line of healthy organic dog treats.

Ms. Miett believes that the preservation of our beloved dog’s health and well-being is long overdue. Pet Bistro’s Bark~Scotti organic dog treats and organic dog food products are created with this in mind. It is essential that dog owners make informed decisions about what they feed their dogs.  After all, our four-legged friends are a part of our family and they deserve the best.

Pet Bistro’s Bark~Scotti’ organic dog treats are a mouth-watering delight that will have your dogs licking their chops and woofing for more time and time again.