What Isn’t In Healthy Pet Products

At Pet Bistro, we read pet food labels carefully. Many pet owners are shocked at some of the dog food ingredients that are used. Glyceryl monostearate, propylene glycol, Blue No. 2, Red No. 40, titanium dioxide – these are just some of the ingredients that can be found in many commercial pet products, including so-called healthy dog treats. Fillers, byproducts, and chemical additives are used to extend the shelf life of these treats and lower the cost of production. Meanwhile, many of these treats are sold as health food supplements for dogs, like biscuits that are fortified with vitamins and minerals, or low in fat. But while these treats are touted as having a high nutritional content, the ingredients used in these products are always viewed as lower quality than the ones used in human food. Why must this be the case? Shouldn’t our canine companions enjoy the same food produced for humans? And more importantly, how can discerning dog owners find the best healthy dog treats for their pet?

With healthy dog treats from Pet Bistro, you can be assured that your pet is getting a truly nutritious and wholesome snack. Unlike other pet products on the market, Pet Bistro’s BarkScotti™ contains organic ingredients and remains free of animal by-products, toxic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients. Few dog food manufacturers can make the same claim!

Let’s make a comparison. The primary ingredients in a dog biscuit recipe are carbohydrates, proteins, fats and oils, and fiber. This is where dog owners can see the Pet Bistro difference. Rather than use flour, corn, or rice meal as the source of carbs, Pet Bistro uses quinoa to produce a gluten and grain free treat. Pet Bistro’s BarkScotti™ gets protein and fiber from quinoa, flax, and almond flour, not commonly used ingredients like corn gluten meal or worse - meat byproduct meal. This innocent sounding, yet vague ingredient is a misnomer since these byproducts contain little, if any, meat. Instead, it does contain parts of the animal left over after the meat has been stripped away from the bone. Meat meal can contain the boiled down flesh of zoo animals, road kill, and diseased livestock. Happily, Pet Bistro’s BarkScotti™ are meat-free but still full of protein.

In addition, fats and oils are added to biscuit recipes to provide flavor and nutritional energy. However, did you know that much of the fats and oils used in commercial pet food is derived from animal fat, a by-product of rendering? On the other hand, Pet Bistro uses safflower oil, which is high in vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids. Other ingredients in Pet Bistro’s BarkScotti™, like wild blueberries and honey, add great flavor and nutrition to the treats - naturally.

Furthermore, Pet Bistro’s BarkScotti™ Dog Treats are made in a kitchen, not a lab. Commercial dog biscuit manufacturing operations combine their ingredients in industrial-sized mixers, but Pet Bistro bakes their biscuits in small batches to ensure quality. Pet Bistro’s dog treats will disperse the notion that dog treats are made with subpar ingredients. In fact, dog owners won’t have to worry if other pets or even small children gobble up the treats. They are made to be human-grade and nutritious. BarkScotti™ Dog Treats are also great ways to indulge or train your dog. Treats are not essential to your dog's diet, but are easily given in excess. However, BarkScotti™ Dog Treats are healthy dog training snacks because they are full of nutritional protein, which helps to reduce hunger between meals.

Do your dog a favor and try a batch of BarkScotti™ today! Visit www.petbistro.us to order the best healthy dog treats for your dog!