Our Story

organic dog treats storyThe Pet Bistro Dog Food story was born out of love for ailing pets and a need for safe proper nutrition for optimum health not found in commercial pet food products. After countless veterinarian visits, prescribed medications and various commercial pet foods the results were unsuccessful. In some cases it was evident the commercial pet food was causing our pets to become worse. After a desperate discussion with our veterinarian she acknowledged my concerns regarding commercial pet food. It was decided then; I would dedicate my life to saving our pets through research, healthy cooking for dogs, sharing my experiences and knowledge.

Our veterinarian recommended home cooking for our pets for the best ingredients, nutrition, wellbeing and taste. Immediately we noticed substantial results in our pet’s health. With much love and affection, like most pet owners, only the best options were good enough for our pets. Pet Bistro has been home cooking for our pets using fresh organic ingredients for more than 20 years with significant results. Consequently, this lead to the creation of Pet Bistro™ Organic Dog Food and Dog Treat products after years of extensive research.

organic dog treats storyOur experience with conventional pet food has not been a favorable. Most popular products include stabilizers, preservatives and other additives which can be toxic, resulting in allergies, digestive distress, hair loss, lethargy, congestion, moodiness, skin rashes, itching, dental problems, ear infections and vision difficulties. These are just some of the symptoms our pets suffered throughout.

SAVE OUR PETS – Help keep the U.S.A. food industry strong, safe and self-sufficient. Buy organic dog food in the U.S.A. and support our U.S. organic farming communities and environment.