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Pet Bistro™ Organic BarkScotti™ -from CEO developer Rafaela Miett—the only dog treat brand offering a holistic medicinal approach based on nutrient rich organic whole foods (non-GMO) that contain natural medicinal properties that therapeutically benefit the nutritional and fundamental health of dogs, through nutritious whole food consumption. Its unique formulation is a whole new method in the application of therapeutic treatments in the melee against canine disease, illness, allergies, food obsession due to poor nutrition and dog obesity. BarkScotti™ is meeting dog owner demands for a nutritious dog treat that is of high biological value and beneficially impacts day-to-day dog health. BarkScotti™ offers dogs therapeutic nutritional benefits with long term health advantages.


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Ingredient Overview: Quinoa, Flax, Wild Blueberries, Safflower Oil, Almond Flour, Honey, Lemon, Vanilla, Baking Powder

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Statement: By Pet Bistro™ CEO Rafaela Miett
“My objective - to improve dog health by implementing healthful nutritional strategies that provide genuine nutrients - reveal effective results.”

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Pet Bistro™ is available for comments and concerns regarding their products. Please visit to learn more, or call (610)-937-6200 for more information.