How is Pet Bistro Organic Different

Organic Pet Bistro is an Eco-Friendly U.S. Company which supports the U.S. organic farming communities.

Pet Bistro uses 100% human grade fresh organic ingredients in Pet Bistro products. We use quality organic meats, organic vegetables, organic grains, organic fruits, and organic herbs in our dog food. We provide home cooked organic dog food using the same wholesome and organic ingredients we would use ourselves. In order to achieve this objective we oversee every food safety precaution by preparing our organic dog food in small quantities using the freshest ingredients.

The fresh organic human-grade ingredients in our organic dog food will help ensure that your pet will lead a long, healthy and happy life.

In addition to providing premium ingredients we package our organic dog food in clear jars for better visibility. For the benefit of some of our customers our organic dog food can be supplied in the frozen variety.