What’s Really in Commercial Pet Food

The Waste not fit for human consumption.

Rendered Meat - Animal by-products - Meat meal – Are parts from sick, dying and dead carcasses of animals. Click here to read more.

This consists of cancerous, diseased & decaying organs, spines, brains, heads, kidneys, feet, entrails, lungs, spleen, bones, liver, stomach, intestines, blood, utters, ears, hooves, fetuses, hair and many other unthinkable parts are in our pet foods. Although forbidden for human consumption these are currently legitimate ingredients in our pet food. Chemical additives must be added to these ingredients for the pet food to be edible. Some of these chemicals are added before the pet food manufactures receive the meat from the plants.

These are not wholesome ingredients, which explain why the pet foods have to be fortified with vitamins and minerals including additives for flavor. This tells us they have no or barely any nutritional value without these additives. Some of the vitamin additives have chemical additives for much of the same reason these chemicals are added to our Pet food.

We may want to ask ourselves: Why we are feeding this to our pets?

Diet is a main component in the quality of your pet’s life. What is consumed is essential in promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle. The fundamental principles of good nutrition that apply to humans should also apply to our beloved pets. The old adage – you are what you eat still applies and your pets are no exception.

Pet Bistro is FREE of Animal By-Products.

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