Why Choose Pet Bistro over Commercial Pet Food

Organic Pet Bistro is an Eco-Friendly U.S. organic pet food company specializing in organic dog food products. At Pet Bistro we are committed to using 100% human grade organic ingredients in our pet food for the highest possible nutritional standard in order to ensure wellness and optimum health of your pet. Pet Bistro Pet Food is dedicated to providing the freshest organic ingredients free of animal by-products, toxic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, artificial ingredients and all other additives; resulting in better health and longevity.

The fresh human-grade organic ingredients used in our organic pet food will help ensure that your pet will lead a long, healthy and happy life. Pet Bistro has been significant in creating an appetizing organic pet cuisine that pets love. We believe that quality of diet is directly linked to quality of life.

Diet is a main component in the quality of your pet’s life. What is consumed is essential in promoting and supporting a healthy lifestyle. The fundamental principles of good nutrition that apply to humans should also apply to our beloved pets. The old adage – you are what you eat still applies and your pets are no exception.

Pet Bistro is an U.S. Eco-Friendly company dedicated to saving our pets, supporting the U.S. organic farming communities, supporting Fair Trade and keeping our environment clean.